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Information for doctors

25,000 German doctors were working outside Germany in 2007, and year-on-year the number is steadily increasing. Due to their finding current working conditions unacceptable, many German doctors are emigrating.

Opinion surveys have shown that there are principally three reasons why German doctors no longer wish to practise in Germany and, in many cases, want to work abroad. These are; firstly, to do with an inappropriate salary level, secondly because of the incompatibility of the long hours of work with family life and leisure needs, and lastly because of the increasing burocratic and administrative load.

Avanti Personnel Leasing (avanti GmbH) has for many years helped doctors to make a successful transition to working abroad. We work in many European countries and use local experts in the medical job market with many years of contacts to locals hospitals and clinics.

Our speciality is finding positions for doctors in Austria and Switzerland (Naturally a preferred destination because of the shared language), as well as Scandinavia. Perhaps you would like more information about the possibilities as they apply to you? Or perhaps you have general questions on emigrating or/and working abroad?

We would be happy to answer your questions about the numerous topics involved: accommodation, tax, social security, schools, language courses, accreditation, work and residence permits and anything else they may occur to you.

The professional success of a hospital doctor is determined by the possession of technical competence, thoroughness, energy and a suitable personality. Exactly for these reasons, the recruiting process for new clinicians is so important.

Only through somewhat involved and proven procedures as well as by the use of a certain “feel”, can the best possible staff for your organisation be found. To this end we offer open and confidential advice. Our suggestions for solutions as well as our identification with the objectives of our clients are just as important as our continuing and intensive dialogue with our candidates. Naturally we can eliminate, or greatly reduce, the time intensive and gruelling effort needed to find suitable applicants. Using us, you merely need to make a few decisions. Avanti Personnel Leasing (avanti GmbH) has for many years supplied German clinicians of all disciplines for hospitals, clinics and other health providers, throughout Europe.

We offer a comprehensive service that frees you from virtually all the tasks involved in recruiting.

A list of our services follows:

First phase

  • Compilation of a detailed job description
  • Searching for suitable candidates by direct approach, searching databases and, if necessary, the insertion of advertisements in appropriate journals or other media.
  • Initial telephone interviews with potential candidates to evaluate their technicalqualifications and “soft-skills”

Second phase

  • Personal structured interviews, and in some circumstances, conducting psychometric tests
  • Compilation of confidential reports for the client, containing profiles of the candidates and detailed recommendations
  • Organisation of employment interviews on the client’s premises including assistance during interviews
  • Advice and practical help for the client and successful applicant after job commencement

Of course, we are only too happy to speak to you at any time

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